E-cigarette Used

The logic of the function of the e cigarette is quite simple. The battery brings power to the clearomizer, in which there is an e-liquid, and then it is inserted a burner that converts the liquid into steam. The steam is the one that can be sucked from the nozzle.

When pouring liquid into the container, unscrew the nozzle and pour the e-liquid into the clearomizer. Note, however, that the clearomizer must be replaced as it only has a certain service life. It is recommended that you change or clean it approx. Every 3-4 weeks, but it also depends on how much you have used the e cigarette and what quality you bought the clearomizer in. If it starts to taste burnt, change it.

If you want maximum effect of the e cigarette, then it is important that you refill the liquid correctly. Regardless of the model, do not refill the liquid in the middle tube of the clearomizer. A good idea to avoid this is to use a bottle with tips to pour the liquid into the containers with. If lines have been drawn on the clearomizer so that you can see how much you can top up, you should comply with the maximum limit. Otherwise, you can destroy the clearomizer.

When you want to use a new tank, remember to leave the tank for some time after filling with liquid and before use. Otherwise, there is a risk that the taste will be burnt.

Within e cigarettes, there are countless variants of both batteries and clearomizers. You can even be allowed to put together varieties and sizes, just as crazy as you want. And you can combine the selected parts so that you can get exactly the steam you want.

How long will a bottle of e-liquid last?

A bottle of e-liquid will last for, about a fortnight for moderate smoker, about a week for heavy smoker, about a month for a light smoker.

What is inside the e-liquid?

The e-liquid is composed of (1) PG - propylene glycol (a common food preservative), (2) VG - vegetable glycerin (vegetable oil) and (3) Food flavor. All these three chemicals are found in many of the foods that people consume daily and are completely safe.

What does the e-liquid taste and smell like?

We have several different flavored e-liquids/e-juices for sale, including vanilla, coffee, tobacco, menthol etc. The tobacco flavor is the most favorite as it imitates the taste of a real cigarette.

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