The term ‘Vaping’ was introduced to the Oxford English Dictionary handiest in 2014 and describes ‘the action or practice of inhaling and exhaling the vapor produced through an electronic cigarette or similar device.

Although Vaping might also seem new and unique, it's far without a doubt something that has been around for some time in exclusive guises. In historic Egypt (around 5000 years BCE), the people had been described as having the use of hot stones to vaporize oils and herbs.

Later came the invention of Shisha in around 1500 CE, in Asia. Some sources say it originates in India, in which an emperor invented it which will mingle with other nobleman, earlier than it changed into later adapted to make it greater ‘healthful’ via an Indian health practitioner, who used water to try to clear out greater dangerous components.

This then gave way to the creation of Hookah- the machine (way) through which a glass vase containing water is used to inhale tobacco or different materials. Those systems, though comparable within the way they use heat to vaporize tobacco, are exclusive to the e-cigarette, that is generally battery operated, connected to a heating element, the atomizer, the act of puffing on the e-cigarette generally activates the heating of a liquid (the e-liquid) contained in a cartridge.

This liquid is then vaporized, allowing inhalation, a new fashion has also been suggested in terms of these products, especially in teenagers within the US, termed ‘dripping’. This includes putting drops of e-liquid onto heated atomizer cells, after which inhaling immediately.

Many reasons had been referred to for this, for instance developing a thicker vapor, a more potent flavor and an extra enjoyable sensation on the back of the throat.

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